Destination Danger by Guardian Moon Games

Created by Jeff Rosenbaugh

Destination Danger is a pocket-sized role-playing adventure set in the 1930s. It can be played anywhere, anytime, and with anyone!

Latest Updates from Our Project:

Alternative Maps UNLOCKED!!! and a new Reward Tier coming soon!
7 months ago – Thu, Jan 24, 2019 at 09:03:23 AM

Hey Everyone!

We are checking off Stretch Goals - the Alternative Maps have officially been unlocked! After talking with many gamers during play tests and at PAX South, we received some really positive input that variable maps for the campaigns could really enhance replay value and bring a fresh feel to the campaigns over time - and thanks to each of you and your support, each copy of Destination Danger will have two maps per campaign!

As for the upcoming stretch goals, we are very quickly moving toward unlocking our first expansion - "Christmas on Easter Island"!  Let's keep this thing going!

What is this about a new Reward Tier?

As we continue work on the expansions for Destination Danger and have had backers ask us how if we can tell them more about the characters. Well, we’d love to, but we also thought it would be pretty great if some of our most excellent backers could help us flesh out some of the new player characters and non-player characters (NPCs)!

SO, once we unlock the new expansions, we will introduce a new reward tier with a limited number of slots (or a couple - how we logistically handle that will be up to Kickstarter’s peculiarities...). Backers at this reward tier will be contacted so we can start co-developing the new characters coming in the stretch goal expansions, which may mean they will be based off of those individuals, their loved ones, or just the type of character they would love to play in the Destination Danger universe.

Logistically, we will announce when this new reward tier (or tiers...again, we’ll figure that out soon) will go live so everyone has an opportunity to jump in should they want to. 

Sound off in the comments and questions! Does anything not make sense? Have we missed an important detail of how you’d want that kind of collaboration to be executed? 

Let us know, and let’s keep unlocking stretch goals!!!


- Guardian Moon Games

High Quality Cards & Finishes UNLOCKED!!! and our Kickstarter Exclusive Player Character!
7 months ago – Wed, Jan 23, 2019 at 02:32:39 AM

Hey Everyone,

Another day and even more fantastic progress! Yesterday we unlocked Higher Quality Cards & Finishes, which will help make the game nearly indestructible and beautiful for the long haul. We are also extremely close to unlocking Alternative Maps for each campaign that will bring additional unique art and enhanced replay ability as you go back and re-explore campaigns you may have played in the past.

Here’s how we’re progressing on stretch goals:

What about the Kickstarter Exclusive Character?!

We'd like to introduce everyone to Consuelo! Consuelo is a Panamanian engineer who was trained as an apprentice to her father, an engineer on the Panama Canal's construction and operation. He taught her to become a skilled engineer and general mechanic, but when she wanted to apply her skills to industry, noone in Panama would let a woman do it. To continue pursuing her dreams, Consuelo disguised herself as a man, boarded a ship to head overseas, and has been traveling the world, fixing machines along the way.

There is more to come as we unlock stretch goals and continue improving Destination Danger - thanks for taking this journey with us!


- Guardian Moon Games

7 months ago – Sun, Jan 20, 2019 at 09:32:19 PM

Hey Everyone - 

Thank you! We are incredibly humbled by your support and interest in making Destination Danger a reality! We are now FULLY FUNDED as a project and can begin working on unlocking stretch goals that will make your experience with Destination Danger better and better!

In fact, we're only a few hundred dollars away from unlocking higher quality cards and finishes! The hope is to make our cards nearly indestructible, so you never had to worry about that friend who can be a bit too careless when they come over for game night... After demoing at PAX South this past weekend, I can promise you that these higher quality materials will be well worth it!

Once the higher quality cards and finishes are unlocked...we'll have another stretch goal or two to announce, which we think many of you will really enjoy. :)

PAX South is a WRAP

All picked up and heading home...
All picked up and heading home...

To all of you that we met at PAX South, THANK YOU for stopping by the booth and playing Destination Danger with us! If you had a great time w/ the game, please come share what you liked with everyone else in the comments section of our Kickstarter page - it will help new comers get a stronger feel for the game as they hear more from other gamers.

Throughout the weekend we had a steady stream of gamers visit, and we were also visited by a few media outlets, a Kickstarter representative, and some other fantastic game makers. We'll keep y'all posted when we see any new opinions of Destination Danger published by the folks we talked to. 

That's it for tonight - thank you all for your amazing support. :)


- Guardian Moon Games